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Contract Review

Who We Are

Cavalry Financial Services is a Consumer Advocacy Group that is devoted to assisting timeshare owners with breaking free from the financial burdens that were imposed on them through lies and deception.  Sadly today, many of the resorts in the timeshare industry continue to use deceitful sales and marketing practices that prey on unsuspecting families on vacation. 


They promise vacationers expensive gifts in exchange to “simply take a tour”, but from the moment your tour begins, so does the deception!   It’s a systematic process of using a luxurious setting, free lunches, dinners and gifts, along with a misleading sales pitch in order to deceive vacationers into signing a contract to purchase something that they simply do not need, a timeshare.  Your vacation was supposed to be a time of enjoyment and relaxation; however, it instantly changed into a long term financial nightmare.

Cavalry Financial Services is a dedicated leader in the consumer advocacy industry, assisting timeshare owners who have been lied to, misled or coerced into signing a timeshare contract.  Our extensive knowledge of consumer rights as well as our high regard for customer service makes Cavalry Financial Services a strategic partner to have working on your side. 

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